Scottish Rite Guard

Valley of Richmond

Orient of Virginia




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Historical Listing of Commanders and Secretary/Treasurers for the

Richmond Scottish Rite Guard




Clifford Henry Rudd 1922 Henry T. Taylor 1922-1941
Beverly C. Lewis, Jr 1923-1925    
Mann A. Sycle 1926-1936    
Raleigh W. Hicks 1937-1949 Arthur Carison 1942-1975
Joe T. Mizell, Jr 1950-1972    
Johnson C. Moss, Sr 1973-1976 Charles A. Parker 1976-1987
W. Franklin Herndon 1977-1987    
Samuel Meyers 1988-1993 J. Ned Culler 1988-1995
Charles O. Frank 1994-1995    
Charles E. Snead 1996-1997 Thomas A. Wilmoth 1996-2005
Alvin L. Lehman 1998-2013 Wayne A. Robinson,Sr 2006-2014
Donald S. Truslow 2014-2015 J. Thomas Wadkins, III 2015-Present
Mack T. Ruffin, III 2016-2023    
Richard C. Kidd 2023-Present    


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